Get Glued - Gorilla Glue

GG Strains is the founding company that created Original Glue (GG4), New Glue (GG5), Sister Glue (GG1), Purple Glue, GlueChee, I Do “Glue”

Let’s start with, Joesy Whales and Lone Watie, our Co-Fathers of GG Strains. They are both very experienced in all aspects of medical cannabis cultivation, and breeding of marijuana in general! Over the years, these two outlaws developed several cannabis strains. Most notably, they are the original breeders of the Original Glue (GG4) formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4, now part of GG Strains.

Original Glue (GG4) is the first one of the GG Strains Genetics released. In 2015 GG4 was entered into the High Time San Bernardino (LA) Medical Cannabis Cup 2014, with the goal of placing in the top 3. Not only did she place, Original Glue (GG4) won 1st place (at that time she won under the name fka Gorilla Glue 4) Later that year, The Original Glue (GG4) was also entered the High Times cup Michigan, winning 1st place a second time.

A verified release of The Original Glue (GG4), At the LA High Times Cup, was about 125 certified cuttings were released at the High Time Los Angeles Show in 2014, and the rest of GG Strains is history! 

GG Strains - Gorilla Glue Official

Because of her popularity, she was then passed around even more… With this strain being the most searched strain of the 20th century, The Original Glue (GG4) more often than not, she has been crossed, faked and imitated.

While some cultivators and dispensaries have the real Original Glue (GG4), during our research we found that a lot of the commercial cannabis cultivators and dispensaries are labeling their plants as GG4 formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4 however, the consumer is not getting the real deal Original Glue (GG4)! It is unfortunate that medical marijuana patients, and recreational consumers are not getting the Original Glue (GG4) from GG Strains.

Our goal is to ensure all consumers and medical cannabis/marijuana card holders receive the same genetics each and every time they go to purchase; whether it be Original Glue (GG4), Sister Glue (GG1), New Glue (GG5) or any other new GG Strain release. We know quality and consistency is important to our consumers. In order to accomplish this goal, we will authorize select cultivators in each state where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. This will enable us to assure our patients and consumers are receiving the original high end, top shelf quality GG Strains product, for which we have become known.

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