ITC Genetics Bio

ITC Genetics promise is to share our love for cannabis with others through fully verified genetics at the most competitive price on the market. At ITC Genetics we take great pride in preserving native and non native heirloom cannabis genetics.

My passion for growing cannabis stems from my childhood. Growing cannabis was a way of life for me and my family for years in Kentucky! They allegedly helped the Corn Bread Mafia transport and grow cannabis in Kentucky, Tennessee,Indiana, and Ohio and many other states in the late 80’s early 90’s. I would help my grandmother in the garden and in the fields at a young age, I was there every chance I got, I gained a extreme interest in learning everything i could from her and the elders of the family. As my life went on and I got older my mother was diagnosed with spinal cancer. That is where my passion and start for breeding comes in, I started searching for a plant that would give my mom the most relief. Once breeding a few strains together i found a plant that did everything my mom needed and asked for! That’s when I realized I wanted to breed cannabis for a living and for others to have the best possible Genetics and medicine to combat Cancers and other life changing Disease and Ailments! Preserving old heirloom Genetics is the main focus and passion at ITC Genetics.

We want to provide people with world class heirloom genetics at the most affordable price on the market. We are passionate about the medicinal value cannabis possesses. We want to inspire others to grow there own medicine and it all starts with a seed.

JointBreath Owner of ITC Genetics
Established in 2008

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