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Get 707 Seed Bank

There are a handful of world-class breeders who place 707 Seedbank at the top of the ”Best Breeders” list

Who is 707?

707 SeedBank is the conception of Sha Bud, who at 14 years old knew exactly what he wanted to do when he started reading High Times Magazine: Grow Cannabis. He didn’t know it at the time but it would become his calling to become a top breeder guided by the simple idea of breeding consistent, uniform, mouth watering strains.

In his own words, his garden is his place of peace: “Everyday is a blessing to me; I love what I do. I really love every part about it. Being out in the woods, in my garden; birds chirping, blue skies; it’s bright and colorful.”

707 SeedBank has been featured in Cannabible 3, and has won many awards including: 1st Place CWGA Cup 2005 and 1st Place CWGA Cup 2006.